Waste damage

أضيف بتاريخ: 22 - 03 - 2017

Wastes Waste is a significant environmental hazard, which originates from many sources that take different forms, whether liquid or solid, sludge or gases, which are the most harmful when stored, transported, processed or altered, including what accumulates over water It leaks into the aquifers and reaches living organisms by drinking them. The waste in the landfill also affects the people living next to it, who are the most vulnerable to disease. [1] It is worth noting that it is possible to protect the environment and minimize the effects of harmful waste on it Re-route Reducing the amount of waste consumed, as well as the treatment of waste by chemical methods of ion exchange, volatilization, oxidation or thermal method that destroys the toxic particles that are present in the waste when subjected to high temperatures using special devices such as rotor and burner to burn all kinds of waste, In the air pollution, or the physical method of precipitation, evaporation, solidification, flotation and filtration, or biological treatment method used for some organic waste